General wound care

General wound care includes common, uncomplicated wounds. These can range from cuts to surgery wounds.

Wound dressings have to be changed regularly, and the wound must remain hygienic. However, you don't have to wait and waste precious time at the doctor each time care is necessary. I can easily carry out this care at home, without you having to leave the house. Together we schedule appointments at times that suit you best.

Specific wound care

Specific wound care includes all wounds that require a particular approach, such as open leg wounds, ulcers, bedsores (pressure ulcers), oncological wounds, and bacterium infected wounds.

Every wound problem is treated according to the most efficient method. I am aware of recent developments in wound care and follow them closely. I use the techniques that have already proven their effectiveness and try to achieve optimal healing.

Wound care for people with diabetes

A large number of diabetic patients end up dealing with diabetic wounds. These injuries usually arise on the feet but can also manifest themselves elsewhere. Problems with circulation and a higher susceptibility to infections are at the root of the wounds.


  • Fungal infections
  • Dry and sensitive skin
  • Fat deposits at injection sites
  • Skin discoloration
  • Skin necrosis